Matt Cadieux, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Matt Cadieux
Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Matt has over 25 years of IT experience in engineering and manufacturing environments, working for both large global and medium sized companies. He oversees the IT department that is responsible for implementing and supporting the applications and infrastructure used to design, manufacture and race F1 cars. The Chief Security Office (CSO) and Head of Technical Partnerships also report into Matt. Speed, technical innovation and the ability to execute are required to be successful in F1 and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing excels in these areas. Digital solutions are pervasive and enable aggressive car development, efficient workflows, collaboration and real-time data driven decision making at race tracks that are located around the world. These highly capable IT solutions improve business and track performance. Matt graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S in Chemical Engineering. He also undertook a System Design and Management graduate programme at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Prior to starting at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Matt worked at the Ford Motor Company (US) and Jaguar Land Rover (UK) as a senior manager with roles that spanned the IT lifecycle. Matt started his IT career at Electronic Data Systems (EDS).