Paul Watts, Kantar
Paul Watts

Paul has worked in IT for over a quarter of a century of which sixteen years have been in a security leadership role. He has worked in many industry sectors in the UK, US and Europe including financial services, telecommunications, retail, food and UK critical national infrastructure and is currently the CISO at Kantar. Paul firmly believes in the importance of building a strong and supported security culture in business as the foundation for a strong security posture, changing the perspective of security from something perceptively done 'to' business to it being done 'with' and 'for', and has had some success (and some challenges too!) in enacting security transformation from the ground-up by placing strong onus on connecting the community with the security practice and vice versa. When he's not whining about patching, Paul volunteers in the education sector and is currently a non-executive director at a multi-academy educational trust in Buckinghamshire; this has proven to be a useful way to engage with the community and he has spoken on many occasions to both children and parents about staying safe online whilst embracing and enjoying the exciting world of digital (whilst promoting the numerous opportunities for a career path in security of course!).