Nigel Kersten, Puppet
Nigel Kersten
Field CTO

Nigel Kersten, Field CTO at Puppet, leads a team of engineers to build greater knowledge around how customers around the world are using Puppet to ensure the company is building pragmatic products for current and future customers. In addition, his team focuses on building out service strategies and finding new opportunities and geographies to expand Puppet’s commercial footprint. Nigel brings a worldwide perspective to the challenges some of the biggest companies on the plant have with infrastructure automation, continuous deployment, compliance and DevOps.

Nigel works with Puppet’s largest customers on the cultural and organizational changes necessary for large scale DevOps implementations. His deep expertise and research into DevOps give him invaluable experience and understanding of what it takes to make DevOps work at scale. Nigel has served in a range of executive roles at Puppet across product and engineering over the last 9 years, and came to Puppet from the Google SRE organization, where he was responsible for one of the largest Puppet deployments in the world.

Nigel is passionate about behavioral economics, electronic music, synthesizers and Test cricket.